Review: What I Learned Where
For pure pleasure here comes a short review of what I learned where:

* «work hard play hard»
* everything is possible (except laughing too loud in public without being drunk)
* don’t just think, do
* when teaching, make others believe in themselves
* when writing, try also to entertain. Don’t just lecture and complain (the Austrian style)
* when writing, your own soul and its vibrations might not make the most interesting subject
* spring is beautiful and sun is a gift: treasure it

* eat well, dress well and laugh out loud without being drunk
* beauty is beautiful
* mundaine things can be made beautiful
* create your own special moments with friends and you will remember them always
* live with your senses
* share yourself with your friends
* go to the sea and watch the stars to understand your place in the universe
* drink lots of coffee
* drink lots of wine
* add glory to life where you feel it is missing

* having babies is great
* death isn’t necessarily terrible
* death makes a good plot device. In life and in telenovelas
* food is a perfectly valid topic of conversation
* food is an infinite source of metaphors and similes («I’m like a Tamal»)
* punctuality is not a universal value
* lying can be kinder than honesty
* beauty is a matter of attitude
* you can’t take anything for granted (especially not free health care)
* take care of yourself (especially given expensive health care)
* human beings can work almost all the time and be proud of it
* coconut milk tastes delicious
* rain can also be beautiful
* dancing with a partner is more fun than dancing on your own
* chaos is creative


* everything else

posted by Claudia Chibici-Revneanu @ 8:44 PM
Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lo bueno es que además también me lo enseña ; )