Dear Mr. Soltero,

I heard you on the radio yesterday – you’ll be pleased to know I’ve underground contacts who sent me the tape directly – and have an offer to make you.

As far as I have gather from the contents of your novel, you are highly interested in underground operations, and know what it means to carry out high security/top secret tasks.

I can not at this present moment tell you, how exactly we operate, but let me tell you that our ultimate aim is the improvement of the human existence on a universal level. As there are many forces resisting such improvements, however, we are under constant danger of discovery and subsequent extinction.

Our present method is therefore to code our secret information in the form of language exercises and tests. This has proven to be a highly useful and efficient method. However, as our operation is chronically underfunded (as, I’m sure you know, usually happens to those trying to do good), our high security/top secret printer has presently collapsed (or ink is sparse, but we shall spare you irrelevant details) and you could begin your much appreciated cooperation with us by printing the following material.

For your information, only one copy is needed. We will send one of our agents disguised as your girlfriend at around 3.05 pm to your office to pick it up.

Thank you very much in advance.

All best wishes,

Mr. Topless Full van Mystery